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Frequently Asked Questions


Check out our FAQs below.  Need more information, please contact us at

 01  What type of firm is CorpEx Intl?

CorpEx Intl is a management consulting company. We offer a consultative approach to your business workforce needs. Our mission is to deliver quality workforce solutions from a consultative approach to assist in our clients growth and sustainability.




 02  Who is your ideal client?

Our ideal clients are small to medium sized businesses in need of workforce management solutions to include: leadership development, talent acquisition, employee performance and training & development.




 03  What makes CorpEx Intl different from it's competitors?

Our business executives bring more than 35 years of industry experience specializing in training and development, customized workshops for your staff and employee performance management.




 04  What size groups do you service?

Because we are a sloutions provider, we will cater to our customers need.  We can provide individual, one-on-one training, or work with group sizes up to 20. We meet your needs, no matter the size!




 05  What type of training mediums do you offer?

As a cutting edge solutins provider, CorpEx Intl delivers its traing via several platforms.  Our platforms include, onsite workshops and training programs, online sessions, and group coaching sessions,

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