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Meet The Team


CorpEx LLC,  headquartered in Louisville, KY, is comprised of HR industry experts in workforce management who's sole mission is to assist small and medium-sized companies in their growth and sustainability efforts.

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Pamela A. Williams

Founder & CEO


An experienced training and business coaching professional, Ms. Williams possesses over 25 years of HR management, Project Management, Leadership Development, and Strategic Planning expertise. Ms. Williams garners a MS degree in Human Resource Management, has written and administered numerous training programs, delivered

training workshops from executive to entry level staff.


Ms. Williams is a published, collaborative author of two books, "The My Now Student Leader", published December 2014, and "Permission to Win, published November 2016.

O: 502.608.5696


Connie Russell-Gorum

Executive Trainer


Established leader in the executive training and development community, Ms. Russell-Gorum's expertise in the leadership, strategy, business coaching arenas will bring new and  enriching concepts to your team.

O: 502.608.5696

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