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Community Involvement - Volunteer!

Incredible, Empowering, Life Changing, Awesome, Passionate, Devoted, Meaningful, Involvement, Great Experience….. these words were repeated by me and my classmates in the two and ½ day span during our participation in Focus Louisville (FL), February 2017 Class. The Leadership Louisville Center has made this program something amazing for everyone who actively engages in it. I was moved by the drive and passion exhibited by each speaker, each leaving me with a sense of hope and definitely a feeling of empowerment to get involved. I will find a way to fit in, give back, and volunteer with Uspiritus and JCPS.

During our visit to Uspiritus, we were informed the organization will hold a Senior Prom in the Spring. This was exciting to hear because I have previously provided assistance to disadvantaged youth preparing for their prom. Even more exciting, several of the FL 17 members also want to volunteer to help Uspiritus for the prom event. What I realized is that there is so much work that can be done by a few people who are interested in making a difference. Mr. Mark Hogg, CEO of Water Step, was very inspiring in bringing attention to the necessity of having clean water and Superintendent Donna Hargens was instrumental in painting a positive picture of our Jefferson County Public School system.

The biggest take away - it is important that we all take action. I want to leave a footprint here in the Louisville area to make a difference. It starts one person at a time. As a newcomer to the Louisville, I encourage all newcomers, whether you are relocating back to Louisville, here for the first time, or you’re here as a result of your spouse’ job relocation, Focus Louisville is a great way to become acclimated to the city, network with like-minded professionals, and gain exposure to great organizations in Louisville.

Pamela A. Williams (FL 17)

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