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How are your Life Skills?

How are your Life Skills?

No matter where you are in your search for finding your true passion, having a solid foundation in life skills is necessary.

When was the last time you took a self-assessment at how you are doing with yourself? Probably a long time ago right? Well, it's time to take a closer look at WHO you are if you looking to move up a notch in your career or seeking to strike out on your own.

Are you good with problem solving? How are your creative and critical thinking skills? Not sure, well, what about the main ingredient, your communication skills? Still not sure. It's time you work on these. Many employers are wanting employees who can move through critical circumstances, be quick thinkers, present a solution for problem solving and can make a solid decision.

Guess what? The skills are not only useful in the workplace, but there's a reason they are called Life Skills. That's because these skills will get you through everyday life situations in the home, on the playground, in community organizations, even on the PTA committee.

I guarantee it that everyday you are challenged to call upon a minimum of five (5) of these Life Skills to render a decision, talk to your boss/husband/wife/children, or maybe even talk your way through a problem.

What are the Life Skills?

Self-awareness, empathy, critical thinking, creative thinking, decision making, problem solving, effective communications, inter personal relationship, coping with stress, and coping with emotions.

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